Idurgo Products

our greatest strenght

Listening to our clients

Our history is written based on small and great deeds. However, this one that we present below is the most ambitious of all.

Guided by the new booming markets and paying close attention to the needs of our customers, we have created the necessary alliances with recognized prestigious brands to offer a catalog capable of covering the most demanding needs.

Our goal: to offer the most demanded items in each sector and create them with the best qualities.


The production of cutlery in Idurgo is part of a process that ends with the artisan treatment of finishing by piece to guarantee the category of true jewel, which is achieved by joining the delicacy of the work, the nobility of the metal used and subjecting the final product to strict quality controls.

- stainless steel 18/10
(18% chrome Y 10 % NiQUEL)
-imported from Sweden

The Company

INKUG, S.L. (Industria del Kubierto de Gernika, SL), captained by IDURGO MASTERS CUBERTERS continues with the expansion plan for the coming years, IDURGO is creating partnerships with the most representative companies in the sector of steel, porcelain and household, to give full coverage to the requirements of the hospitality and catering market.


The continuous research has led to Idurgo being the Spanish company within the sector that brings more new products to the market. A daily challenge within a globalized world that creates the need to continually renew itself.


Since its inception, Idurgo has paid special attention to the concept of design through its development department, which makes a large number of creations based on classic traditional styles and the models with the highest market demand.


We have a complete stock of finished product. Delivery in 24 hours in the national market. Idurgo has a computer-assisted parts recording department, which allows the customization of the cutlery on demand.


The Idurgo catalog is composed of 35 models divided into 4 lines: