Capeans Company

A legendary reference

Our History

Porcelain was introduced in Spain by King Carlos III, who brought with him from Naples the craftsmen, equipment and raw materials necessary to found in 1759 the Real Fábrica del Buen Retiro, popularly known as “La China”, of internationally recognized quality.

Inspired and endorsed by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando and protected by the Crown, “La China” provided sumptuous works to the new Palace of the East and royalty related sites, eventually supplying the entire market national.

As the heir of this spiritual legacy, Capeans was born in the middle of the 20th century, faithful to the tradition that precedes it, which today enhances by providing modern technology and the most original avant-garde designs.

Our objectives remain clear from our roots:

the creation and development of the tableware that represents our customers, their versatility and their elegance.



A reference for home and professional tableware


Evolution, adaptation, success

Capeans is the most important Spanish company in the creation and design of porcelain with national and international recognition.

Capeans productions are a dream come true, in tune with the most demanding quality principles required by the hotel industry today.

They emphasize their whiteness, hardness and exceptional resistance to abrasion, result of the properties of the paste and the enamels that are used in the manufacture.

...We are the most relevant Spanish company
in the creation and design of porcelain."

The new sections of kitchenware and cutlery are a selection of articles that complete the offer of Inkug and the commitment of a total service.

The goal of our new team is represented in a single word: security.

The security that our clients will feel with the renewal and commitment of our catalog, the security of a firm and fast response to their needs, the security of a business philosophy worked for 60 years and that is stronger than ever thanks to the wise choice of the traveling companions.

A global vision

Now that we live in a new economic context Inkug has adapted to give a global response without losing our traditional convictions of quality and service.

To this end, we have considerably increased our catalog by uniting under the same umbrella several companies that share with us the same philosophy of work.

These synergies are responsible for providing versatility and response to the needs of our customers who ask for more varied product under the same quality standards that we have always offered.