Idurgo Company

A passion forged with time...

A project is born

In 1960 IDURGO was born, with the vocation of combining the tradition of a land specialized in the manufacture of high quality cutlery and the desire to make it durable over time.

At that moment, only the decision and the courage made possible the beginning of a journey that continues its path unstoppable.

Our versatility, our ability to respond and listen, and a tireless effort to adapt to the times, have given us the privilege of continuing to offer the best to the most demanding market.

Memory and tradition are an important part of the impulse that moves us forward, and we do it without losing sight of our roots.

We look back and see a world that has moved faster than time itself. What is today a revolution, tomorrow is obsolete.

And to continue in the gap becomes an increasingly complex challenge. However, IDURGO has been transformed over the years into an organic part of the market. Changing, growing, breathing and evolving with it, without losing a bit of its essence.

A passion that has made its best ally over time, and has shown that it can be competitive by offering a product that makes a difference.

A passion forged with time...

Evolution, adaptability, success

The birth and development of a company evolves in light of its economic and social context, the effort to adapt to new markets and the willingness to respond to the needs of its customers becomes the strength of their company.

In Inkug we have grown thanks to that strength and the conviction that our roots, anchored in the tradition of our land, can take us as far as we want.

...the tradition of our land, can take us as far
as we want."

The new sections of kitchenware and cutlery are a selection of articles that complete the offer of Inkug and the commitment of a total service.

The goal of our new team is represented in a single word: security.

The security that our clients will feel with the renewal and commitment of our catalog, the security of a firm and fast response to their needs, the security of a business philosophy worked for 60 years and that is stronger than ever thanks to the wise choice of the traveling companions.

A global vision

Now that we live in a new economic context Inkug has adapted to give a global response without losing our traditional convictions of quality and service.

To this end, we have considerably increased our catalog by uniting under the same umbrella several companies that share with us the same philosophy of work.

These synergies are responsible for providing versatility and response to the needs of our customers who ask for more varied product under the same quality standards that we have always offered.